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My jaw dropped when I heard that Jimmy Fallon released a children's book and joked he did all the work except for the illustrations. The TV host says "there is no moral" to his children's story book. As an even bigger conspiracy theorist, I believe Jimmy Fallon's writers decided to put a cast around his wedding finger as a greater plot for him to milk the injury for sympathy and then not want to take the cast off after months and months of interviewing hot female guests. But that's beside the point. Jimmy Fallon is not a qualified author and doesn't have what it takes to be the next Richard Scarry. He's just not scarry enough. I'm delighted that my children's book The Vampire State Building

Summer Sound

I believe in Voodoo... It feels like I’m getting closer to voodoo magic. Voodoo Walters is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who I’ve been listening to a lot recently. He’s put on some great shows over the past year and it’s been a pleasure to hear him perform. Cakewalk is a follow up to the limited release live CD, Lucky 13, and it’s original collection of songs showcase the rowdy, soulful, funky and fun nature of blues. Sometimes I feel like a voodoo doll. The Urban Dictionary defines voodoo doll “as the object that a person performs voodoo acts through, usually to cause harm to another human.” I think what the Urban Dictionary omits is the fact that the person performing voodoo acts can

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