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Is There A Sequel To The Tell-Tale Heart?

Yes. I did a Google search if there’s a sequel and there’s a handful of options. There’s A Helping Hand (Tell-Tale Heart Sequel) or the Tell-Tale Heart 2: The End or WRICH 109.9 FM Prime End. I prefer Prime’s End because it was just too much work to run a business without money. I’m currently working on a lengthy memoir. It’s going to be eleven times as long as Moby Dick. I know that’s long. But if you couldn’t get through Heart of Darkness because it wasn’t dark enough, I suggest you wait for the dark story about me. You fancy me mad? I re-read The Tell-Tale Heart way back in March and I decided to re-enact the short story. I was totally possessed to kill Tuesday and wanted to do more. Whil

I Am My Own Worst Nightmare

Dilemma No. 1: Love For Everything Eleven Tuesdays are bad, but my obsession for everything eleven is the worst. The number eleven just keeps creeping in on the clock in the car and at home. Everything appears as eleven in my mind. My love for the number means odd sleep patterns. I’ll drink NyQuil to knock myself asleep after eleven hours staying alert during the day. I go to sleep very early at night. Sometimes it takes a lot of NyQuil and sometimes I sleep for a long time, but I refuse to stay awake for more than eleven hours a day. I have really strange dreams because of this. Everything is seriously screwed up. Dilemma No. 2: A Dragon Fly’s Dream World Before night, I take the potion as

Letter Written To Mr. Trudeau

Dear Mr. Trudeau: I am a senior freelance writer in the true north strong and free and it really does not pay well. I have attempted to start a good company to support my on-line spending habits. My company has failed and I am afraid that I might lose everything. The Harper Government has not helped me and I’m appalled by the Conservatives indifference toward Native American problems. I am writing to you to consider my appeal request for adequate government funding for my small non-profit Canadian company that deserves to make good money. I will vote for you if your government provides funding for Lionheart. The Lionheart Sound Network currently runs as a cheap YouTube channel. Lionheart Ent

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