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Lord Alfred Tennyson vs. Camelot

Alfred, Lord Tennyson was the most important poet of the Victorian period. There were many sleepless nights when reading Idylls of the King (before studying heavy metal vs. punk and the post-grunge era and living through the history of post-grunge; and blasting my eardrums, until I couldn't hear the tribal drums of neighbours pounding on my door to turn the music down). Along came The Lady of Shalott (No time hath she to sport and play) and I obsessively read the poem over and over, finding hidden meanings and pondering the mad existence of Baltimore Ravens and Edgar Allan Poe. Loving this poem as a pretty long narrative poem, I'd realize the height of the Victorian Age and I'd realize the c

Oh, Who Would Ever Want To Be King?

No Stephen King movie taught morals, but let him eat cake. You might be thinking Stephen King movies are classics. What about King Kong? Unless old horror makes a comeback, it's doubtful Stephen King can ever find the same success again anytime soon. Meanwhile, I'm celebrating the Dark Ages and signing a new contract with a cutting edge publishing company. Pen Name Publishing promotes diverse books by diverse authors. I'm thrilled to be part of a talented team and it's motivational and inspiring as a writer. I started reading Naked Lunch and started getting the wheels rolling on writing more Lionheart Leaks after a summer working on a project lacking the heart and soul it took to write my fi

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