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Trump A Story With Great Dialogue

I'm not going to lie. It's frightening to live inside my mind. There's nothing shocking anymore, unless you include my latest conspiracy theory. What if Donald Trump is actually a big-ass fraud? I’m imagining Donald Trump’s last name isn’t even Trump and he doesn’t own Trump Towers. What if the Republican nominee is actually the President of NBC? Trump Towers is merely his cover. Whoever Donald Trump really is, the fact is, he’s actually a talented Nazi orator; and the Hitleresque politician uses a lot of great techniques to persuade people and make them laugh. He’s also a great media bully. Ever read a great story with a weak plot, but with fantastically shocking dialogue? Studying dialogue

From Rags To Richard: What's The Word On The Street?

When Did Richardanity Begin To Spread? From Industrial Revolution to life lessons from Lionheart Leaks to Beyond The Blue Kite studying Gnosticism, Richardanity[1], Christianity and The Doors. My stories are like bleeding love letters to Dracula and Frankenstein or a colony of werewolves on Mars. First we must learn the fundamental beginnings before YouTube and ancient religions or before sinking gold fillings into darkness. From humble beginnings in the dirty kitchen of Little Caesars, I was dumbfounded by truth. I was a realist and imagined myself as somebody or something greater. Determined to figure it out, I didn’t know who I was, but started writing fantastic fiction before and after p

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