It's not going to be easy to give you a sense of who I really am through this flat screen and words of a non-descript font, but here it goes. I'll try to explain.



Richard Tattoni was born in 1976 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, but he is as real as Hamilton steel. His parents eventually moved to Burlington, Ontario where he was raised. Richard has now returned to Hamilton where he had a fictional stint as Hess Village's mayor. But don't think that a seemingly frozen location has any impact on where his creative writing takes us. His parents were hard-working with good Italian roots, revealing many strengths of his character. A believer in life after death and The Great Beyond from a young age drawn to creative pursuits.


The writing started in high school with friends forming Igloo of the Polar Bear, a small poetry group. Following his efforts in high school sports, a college program and internship in media, Richard began to put his words on paper. 


Even as an adult, Richard is described as having a 'wild imagination', which actually means that he has a tendency to embellish; that is just a show of his strength as a fiction writer. Further university training to polish his works in progress provided Richard with the opportunity to make his story-telling better.


After years of working the nine-to-five grind, Richard is making more time for writing offline. He pours his heart and soul into his writing, in a way that is difficult to imagine and a dedication that is inspiring. Richard was recently featured in Rob McLennan's guest blog about his evolving writing day and through it all, his dream, which was once described as a pipe dream without any foundation, morphed into a goal: a real and achievable goal. 


Richard is a new author seeking representation of his first novel. The author's writing crosses genres, like Picaresque, Contemporary, New Adult and Bizarro fiction. He hopes that his creative work will resonate with those who read his books. French Press Bookworks Author Roundtable features a discussion about writing dialogue in his first video appearance. He doesn't give you the moral of the story on a platter, but requires the reader to dig in, get their hands dirty and feel like they have achieved something real.


As far as Richard's life outside of the novels, he lives in the suburbs with his beautiful wife and baby. He is surprised and delighted every day when reminded that he has found a family who 'gets him'. Richard loves green tea and anything that anyone will feed him. But his writing is much more exciting than he is, so, dive in, and enjoy the thrilling ride.






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