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Holier Than Thou

I'm sorry. My hobby is helping others and not you. Please don’t run a business gone horribly wrong. Be honest. Be fair. Be true. I’m currently working on the worst business model in history as a practical joke for amusement. As a hobby, I’m the overly proud owner of a fake company. Lionheart Incorporated includes the uncensored Lionheart Sound Network, WRICH 109.9 FM, WOW 87.7 FM, AM 2200, RTTV and other specialty channels. Happy April Fools' Day!

When I'm feeling like Bill Cosby on a bad day, I'm creating radio shows. Otherwise I'm working at The Weather Network where I’m loved by my peers and adored by the CRTC. I’m sending out a plea for you to support closed captioning in your community. For the love of God, help me by not listening to television and reading instead. I would like to thank you as chief closed captioning editor. Good mental health begins by helping yourself first. Sing praises....

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