Who Can Write?

'Lifestyles of the Richard and Famous' had a special guest appearance by an agent from P.S. Literary Agency live from Lakehead University in Orillia.

The fine literary agent was a good listener, interested in query letters and mostly indifferent, but CanWrite! 2015 was a win-win-win. I told the author of a children's book, he had a win-win-win. If my three nephews read his book, it's three wins instead of two wins. I'm just doing the math. Winning writers of the science fiction genre shook my hand. Winning food was served including bananas. Winning books were given to me to read, but I won't read past the first sentence from any CanWrite book, because I don't care.

I bet my 2006 Toyota Corolla that comparisons can be made between CanWrite! 2015 and Star Trek Conventions. My pitch session was a great opportunity to pitch my novel, which is now a little over 73,000 words after my latest draft. It got a little awkward when the topic switched from novelism to socialism. It took me almost two decades to finish 'Beyond The Blue Kite.' The nice literary agent tried to insult me by suggesting I switch from first person narrative to third person narrative. My only mistake was saying "Thank you very much" after saying bye. I should have only said "Thank you."

My novel is dark fiction with elements of pop psychology. It's literary fiction and not genre or mainstream. Genre and mainstream books sell and literary fiction does not sell as well, so it didn't help that the CanWrite Conference was run by a major publishing company, known as Random House. I've got a conspiracy theory that everything published is indirectly or directly in some way related to Random House. I had the pleasure of releasing random thoughts to agents, despite my displeasure from their lack of interest in my creativity. I could have talked about math all day.

So I didn't pitch a lost train of thought or comment on the Tibetan fastball at the pitch session, but I participated in a panel discussion and pitched a question to a fine agent. I bought and read Alison Pick's 'The Dream World.' I loved reading the thin book. I asked a fine agent whether a collection of poems similar to 'The Dream World' would be a viable option as a second book for a debut author. It's my dream to publish a really short book and become more environmentally friendly.

"Live Long and Prosper."

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