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Oh, Who Would Ever Want To Be King?

No Stephen King movie taught morals, but let him eat cake. You might be thinking Stephen King movies are classics. What about King Kong? Unless old horror makes a comeback, it's doubtful Stephen King can ever find the same success again anytime soon. Meanwhile, I'm celebrating the Dark Ages and signing a new contract with a cutting edge publishing company. Pen Name Publishing promotes diverse books by diverse authors. I'm thrilled to be part of a talented team and it's motivational and inspiring as a writer.

I started reading Naked Lunch and started getting the wheels rolling on writing more Lionheart Leaks after a summer working on a project lacking the heart and soul it took to write my first novel. If you want to learn more about The Untold Story Of The Most Hated Work In Progress venture to Blogger. I don't want to waste my time estimating Don King's worth or how many years Larry King has been broadcasting (but I do care about the sheer craziness of Don King's hair). There are some things that are

important and worth noting and it is especially true with Don King's hair. You might be wondering why I'm bothering to mention various monarchies of great celebrity fame instead of examining the British monarchy, the Governor General or even Trump. I guess it's because all kings are created equal. I'm the king of a small radio empire. You might be wondering why don't I abdicate the thrown at Lionheart Inc.™ since it's a company ruined for life. After all, it'll never be entitled to any lion's share of profits from the business world. While I agree, heavy is head that wears the crown, and while I also believe I'm sorry it couldn't have turned out successfully, I've come to an understanding that my job is God-given and it's a job granted for life. Lionheart Leaks had to be leaked (it's like a relief).

It took many months assembling the leaks (in written form) and editing the leaks took a massive amount of time. The result is the opening of the novel (not yet finished), shared online in the form of a novella known as Lionheart Leaks. I'm going back in time, and moving forward, to focus on Lionheart Leaks as the next novel after Beyond The Blue Kite (I needed to prioritize my projects because David and Destiny was getting in the way). You might be wondering who is this king of Lionheart Inc.™ and what does he stand for. I stand for the good of people, especially my employees. I stand for equal rights, true conspiracy theories, amateur and professional sports and the best totally off-the-wall music with a left-wing bias for blues.

I've always had a problem with Tuesday, but it's been a problem both good and bad. I've tried to be a good king because I already know How To Be A Bad Indian Or Aboriginal Or Just A Bad Person in The Great Beyond. Blogger has been my second home if you've missed blogs from my website. Beyond The Rum Diary I'm giving you behind-the-scenes written accounts of events as work to finish Lionheart Leaks offline. Beyond The Rum Diary, I'm also giving you Beyond The Blue Kite reports as I work to finalize the success of my first novel. Irvine Welsh is quoted as saying "I didn't have any concept of Trainspotting being published. It was a selfish act. I did it for myself." I always wanted Beyond The Blue Kite to be a book with important morals hidden deep in dark fiction. It will be exciting to discover what other people have to think. Lionheart Leaks focuses more on entertainment and my passion for the music and the art of radio. The anti-hero in the novella (and work-in-progress novel) is Ottis O'Toole and his last name was inspired by Tool. I always thought the band was cool and I found them inspiring.

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