From Rags To Richard: What's The Word On The Street?

When Did Richardanity Begin To Spread?

From Industrial Revolution to life lessons from Lionheart Leaks to Beyond The Blue Kite studying Gnosticism, Richardanity[1], Christianity and The Doors. My stories are like bleeding love letters to Dracula and Frankenstein or a colony of werewolves on Mars. First we must learn the fundamental beginnings before YouTube and ancient religions or before sinking gold fillings into darkness.

From humble beginnings in the dirty kitchen of Little Caesars, I was dumbfounded by truth. I was a realist and imagined myself as somebody or something greater. Determined to figure it out, I didn’t know who I was, but started writing fantastic fiction before and after putting toppings on pizzas. I’d stuff a pizza into a box and I’d imagine giving away more books than pizzas. My first part-time job was the worst, but I was destined for something far worse and terrifying. My next part-time job as a key-cutter taught me maybe it was possible to write a novel about dreams and something more than absolute boredom. Desperate for Cyber escape, YouTube hadn’t been invented yet and I was biding my time working odd jobs and trimming my nose hair. It’s not really what you do, but who you know. This conclusion led me into bitterness and isolation. Great failure brought the same satisfaction of throwing down a hearty swear word. But, how could I spread the swear words on streets?

Fast forward beyond the part-time jobs, college, university courses, a full-time job and finding the love of my life[2], purging my tape collection on the brink of the end of the CD world:

  1. Greatness. Above and beyond translated in The Great Beyond from exploring moral foundations and political ideology. I wrote the first year of blogs while watching high-scoring performances in American college football, but learned Oregon State's offense lacked explosiveness.

  2. Radio. A YouTube channel screwed up everything and I learned nothing. My poor lesson from the shallow grave of emptiness and radio was discovering the underbelly of civilization.

  3. More. There needed to be more. It was never enough and I was always hungry. I realized I had to eat more, and write more than one novel. I’d end up travelling, trying to figure it out. From rags to riches, the world was my oyster and I wanted to spread the joy. (Special thanks to Richard Weber.)

New York Exploration

Jay Z’s Empire State Of Mind rules Ni**as In Paris in my noble opinion. Roaming the streets under the spell of a different state of mind, a mindset ready to conquer the world, I found myself searching for the truth. New York is more than a state, it’s a way of life. From Buffalo to New York City, as a state of collective dreams, it’s a place beyond your wildest adventures. Through Buffalo Bisons winning and losing, getting lost on the streets and getting a glimpse of beautiful a rainbow is priceless.

The Chelsea Hotel is exploding in popularity. Most want a bite of The Big Apple, but few get to chew long enough and then spit out the core in an ugly mess from Gotham to Drag Queen Bingo.

Shhhhhh. Whatever you do, shut up, enjoy the view and quietly love New York City. IMHO, experience,

inspiration and motivation are key forces driving authors to write when you fall madly in love.

Toronto Exploration

Word On The Street is a literary festival celebrating books and everything diverse. There’s bold new voices on the street of TO. There’s a world of imagination and growth. There’s a dark world hidden deep in the core of a city alive with exuberant new fashion trends. I was hanging out and listening to authors tackle difficult subjects on the Teen Spirit Stage. It made me think about science fiction and then the heart of reality in creative writing. Writing styles differ whether you’ve written about OCD, mood disorders, depression or topics on unbridled happiness and bliss. What is style? A writer’s style is what sets writing apart from others and makes it unique. In a world saturated with third person narrative, I think first person works in my current writing style and it’s worked in other narrative pieces of fiction. Why?

(Usually it’s true) unless it’s a first person account of a Mugwump sexually abusing a boy in Naked Lunch or something more terrible than the worst nightmare of losing a piece of your soul. Good or bad, On The Road or Naked Lunch from adventures through awkwardness and beyond. It’s not about the author. It’s about a world the author creates and engages with readers. It’s about relating and making a story feel very honest and real.

Writing in the “I” voice gives deep intimacy, which the more detached third person will never quite achieve. I think if you feel your heart racing faster and faster, then it’s because it’s first person narrative digging deep into the fabric of your soul.

Beyond The Blue Kite, Lionheart Leaks and most of the poetry and short stories I’ve written are done in first person narrative. There might be a time to switch to third person, but I haven't hit that stage in my writing career -- yet. The self is not something good or bad, right or wrong. It’s something buried in continuous formation through choices and consequences. It’s like a living and breathing spirit in a constant state of evolution. Because reading matters.

Image courtesy of Tattoni-ceratops Photography ©2016

[1] This is the practice of laws, beliefs and history under the presence of a king of a great media empire encompassing a network from WRICH 109.9 FM to WOW 87.7 FM to AM 2200 and RTTV.

[2] The Queen shall remain under the cover of darkness.

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