The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword

Creativity bleeds from the pen. Writing and editing go hand-in-hand. There are different types of editing. There’s newspaper and magazine editing, Video and closed captioning editing, copyright editing and novel editing. But what is editing? And why is it important?



gerund or present participle: editing

1. prepare (written material) for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it.

"Volume I was edited by J. Johnson"


correct, check, copyedit, improve, emend, polish; More

2. be editor of (a newspaper or magazine).

synonyms: be the editor of, direct, run, manage, head, lead, supervise, oversee, preside over;

informal/be boss of

“he edited the school newspaper”

Enter Pen Name Publishing and the editing process begins. This is where I skim through line by line to fix fragmented sentences and clarify the different levels of consciousness. I’m attempting to improve characterization through describing emotion. We experience life through feelings. It’s funny that some fiction is written to minimize feelings or leave them out.

Beyond The Blue Kite is my debut novel with Pen Name Publishing. Admittedly, it hasn’t been at the foremost of my thoughts and I’ve plowed ahead with a second novel over the past year. I spent years inventing Beyond The Blue Kite and years (over decades) to write the book. So what’s it’s really about? I’ll attempt to explain in the following synopsis:

Over the course of a weekend, Ray McFadden-Brant falls into a deep downward spiral both helped and hindered by his mother and grandfather who, on the one hand, enable him with painkillers and, on the other hand, stabilize him with prescription anti-psychotics. Ray repeatedly attempts to escape reality, and the reader is dragged into his vivid hallucinations, a mix of memory and projected anxiety that show his disintegration. In the end, Ray is led down a crazy, manic and drug-fueled path by his cousin that culminates in a fatal confrontation with his dad, who has long been absent from Ray's life.

The Pen Factor reviewed Beyond The Blue Kite before it was originally submitted and later considered it in four major questions:

  • Compelling hook?

  • Fresh?

  • Strong characters?

  • Entertaining?

The novel received five stars for each of these questions except "strong characters." The first person POV and disjointed characterization wasn’t the problem. It required more editing. I needed to go back. There was no way out. I was Tangled Up In Blue:

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