A Weirdness For Revisions

From YA to picaresque thriller... could writing get any weirder? Seriously!!!

Why not try trolling journalism? The idea takes hold for a second or two. But a better idea is to make lists. Make a list of 5 things you've regretted doing. Pick one and describe the outcome and turn it into a story or poem. Try to keep writing differently, but don't go pissing people off.

The sheer joy! What a relief it is to have friends over tomorrow night while not stuck in thought on the last chapter of revisions from my manuscript. Heavy on criticism, I wondered how long it would take to finish the final draft of The Stoned Theory Of My Own Destruction. It's done!

Beyond The Blue Kite or the best mistake ever? After just finishing the final draft, I'm extremely happy with the end result. Now it's time to pack the bags, get ready for conferences in Windsor and New York City and pitch. How does it really feel inside the mind of a drugged-up 29-year-old schizo? The elevator pitch is ready and I'm psyched for this! Don't fuck it up! Be prepared.

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