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What To Do If You Want A Writer’s Retreat

Imagine a short writer's retreat... where there's no baby to feed, or dishes to wash, or other activities. But let's get real, that's why my weekend away wasn't a writer's retreat. But there weren't a ton of responsibilities at the cottage in Morrison Lake in Gravenhurst, Ontario. But it wasn't the Morrison Hotel.

It was an escape. The solid hours when I did write restored and renewed my writing and pushed my work forward. I focused on short fiction, completing another flash fiction and a new short story (which now is being edited a final time before going through a grueling submission process).

So what do you do if you want a writer's retreat? Try doing the next best thing and get away to the cottage or a park, or seclude yourself in the basement. I'm back from the cottage and this weekend is going to be another writer's retreat in a dark, cold basement, where there are no mosquitoes. Or if you need to catch up on reading, try a reader's retreat.

Writer's retreats and reader's retreats and fun, fun, fun the rest of the summer!

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