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The Top Three Things I Did In Forbidden Planet

Hello... my name is Richard Tattoni and I went to a comic book store in New York City. I always wanted to go to Forbidden Planet, it wasn't forbidden. It took my mind off writing more about Buck. And I wanted to discover a comic book from the future with art designed by a retired stock trader on Wall Street. The story would be about slimy aliens wielding swords, defending Buck Rogers from socialism, and the future wave of Venezuelan immigrants wanting to destroy heavy metal. What did I actually do inside Forbidden Planet?

I Searched For Vintage Buck Rogers Comic Books. I just asked friendly people working in the store and they looked at me like I was from another planet. I never found Buck.

Reappeared In The Window And Stuck My Tongue Out. Okay, this was inappropriate. But when I walked back inside I got great crazy stares and I got everyone to notice Gonzo art.

Then I just disappeared.

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