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How To Take Stock Of Writing Goals

I'm invested in heavy ideas, but how much is everything really worth? I'm reading, querying, outlining, writing, and editing. I'm not vomiting out everything on social media. What you see isn't all there is. But I don't want to set the bar too high.

What have I accomplished so far and what do I want to accomplish? The kids head back to school, leaves change colour and writers take stock. My goals for long fiction have many question marks, but I won't stop trying and I'll keep on getting dirty. More family trips and more short fiction and poetry, but it has to stop. I'm toying with new ideas for writing more short stories after having Pink Bunny Rabbits published. Instead of Volleyball Practice is about Twitch Borishenovkoff and the absurd. Twitch has uncontrollable twitches and rage. He asks his coach to help run a meth lab and discipline ensues. What does Coach Ed do with Twitch? You'll never find out.

Or maybe I'll continue querying Colonoscopy? Maybe just anything to get the mind off the challenges facing Lionheart Leaks. "All I can do is be me, whoever that is." ― Bob Dylan

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