When The Beauty Comes From Rewriting

It might sound almost sexual... but when the beauty comes from rewriting, just keep on writing and don't stop. I imagine the tranquility of Elbow Lake in Sudbury, then focus on the writing process. And when I can prioritize my time and sit down and go through my story, it happens so fast. "Make no mistake: The art of writing is in rewriting." ― Writer's Digest.

I redraft as a I go along. Sometimes it slows down. But whenever I get stuck in my novel, I go back to the beginning and revise my way down to where I left off. I usually repeat this and I usually rework a couple of pages and I'll massage them over a hundred times before I get to the end. Often it's more that I'm reworking phrases and paragraphs, eliminating repetitive words, and sometimes tightening a chapter. I rarely change the scene, but I have changed the opening scene in Lionheart Leaks from a bar in the first draft to what's now the edge of a bridge.

My process has changed a fair amount since starting a family. Nowadays, my spurts of creativity get vacuumed into tinier spaces in the day. In this way, my writing becomes more efficient.

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