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It takes a network of nerves.


My confidential audiobook of radio shows. What a soundtrack. Poor Richard's Almanack, a yearly almanac published by Benjamin Franklin. The publication appeared continually from 1732 to 1758, and it's not much different from years spent broadcasting live basement radio non-stop on YouTube. The first soap opera aired in 1930. The name of it was Painted Dreams, and it ran on the radio five days per week in the mornings and early afternoons. Soap commercials aired during show breaks. Simpler times.

What's it all about?

The easiest way to enjoy a story is through sound. From the annals of history is a rich series beginning in 2015; from getting radio-active with breakdowns and heartbreak to the end of Tuesday, time in prison, life on a tropical island and the decline of the Lionheart Empire sometime around 2017.

Sew what?

A fabrication business of WRICH 109.9 FM or WOW 87.7 FM or AM 2200 and much more, changing with the way we enjoy entertainment.

Then we touch on the big-ass barriers that stand between Daniel Blowden, me, and Glory through music.

A story created by a piss-poor Lionheart Incorporated with free live broadcasts released on YouTube, but the entertainment company changed its name to piss-poorer Lionheart Enterprises and then leaked everything.

Finally, it identifies the pandemic or plague and how we are all doing a one-person show, whether from islands or basements or rooftops. We're celebrating the grand demise together. A Russian takeover. Full victory.


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