Wow, Lionheart Leaks Is Insane

When Canada had paper bills, Canadians called them bucks. Now that the $1.00 bill is no longer printed, the replacement is a Canadian coin called a loonie. Stand By Me is a 1986 American film based on Stephen King's novella The Body; where there's an escape over a fence, and Pressman calls Teddy's mentally ill father a "loony" but today things are different. Buck Rogers broadcasts sounding like a stroke victim and you can contract a virus just as easily. Be careful. A computer virus, almost as popular as cookie monster, threatens everyone; but there's no danger in listening to WOW 87.7 FM. But me don't want cookies. I want to try something different.

Fear of sickness, illness via a monster computer, or an economic recession becoming a depression affecting us, weighing down heavily in the heart. What would Buck do? The elderly Buck Rogers would recover from a stroke, put on a space suit to protect himself from a novel, and carry on.

Music cures depression. People tend to be more easily persuaded by people they believe are authorities on a topic/matter. Marketers often use the concept of authority when they show celebrities using their products or have subject matter experts talk about their product/service on their behalf. The link between that celebrity/subject expert and the final product, in this case, a story, enhances the future product or service’s legitimacy in the eyes of a potential user.

Only hard work produces a final draft of a novel, sometimes worth absolutely nothing.

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