The Stoned Theory Of My Own Destruction is adult picaresque that immediately plunges the reader into the dark, seamy side of life for twenty-nine-year-old Ray, whose troubles with hallucinogens and struggles with schizophrenia lead him down a crazy path, where he must deal with his dysfunctional family and reality. The novel will be released sometime in the not-too-distant future. 

“I think you've got something really interesting here. The drug-addled stream-of-consciousness viewpoint is ambitious, but when it works it's very effective -- almost visceral.”

(Jane, The Editorial Department)


“As the novel stands it is mesmerising. The almost pure poetry that the author uses helps elevate this novel to a higher level than just a story of a crazy person on drugs.” 

(Alison, Beta Readers)

“The book is interesting to read. It’s tone is almost like Kerouac’s and rewarding to persist through.”

(Justin, Beta Readers)


“I found the story profound. I can honestly say that I have never read anything like this and I will remember it for a very long time to come.”

(Robyn, Beta Readers) 

"I finished reading your novel. What a tour de force! The last quarter of the book was brimming with excitement -- well worth the read."

(Raymond Findlay)

"Ray’s narrative voice similarly has a lot of energy and Ray’s personality is entertaining and enjoyable. Although he is miserable and suffering in many ways, he has an ironic verve and a great sense of humour about his situation and the people around him and the unfolding events. Ray’s an engaging character and the narrative voice has a lot of charm."

(Jonathan Ball)



Read Richard's good short story available to read online: Pink Bunny Rabbits was accepted for the July/August 2018 issue of Down in the Dirt magazine. 

The Literary Yard recently published his latest flash fiction or you can read Richard's wildly imaginative and amusing short story on traffic that draws on his interest in media.  

"Winter road conditions reports on The Traffic Channel saved lives in the flourishing town of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Traffic Channel was a major employer. Wyatt A. McReynolds was hired to a handsome contract in the Fall of 2001. Soon the traffic reports were a staple of early morning satellite television spreading across the Canadian Prairies."

See my last video appearance with French Press Bookworks Author Roundtable. I had some guest comments about reading daily. Just follow the YouTube link:


Richard's body of work in poetry includes reflections, narrative verse and ranges from conventional to whole unconventional from  

confessional to bizarre forms of free verse. 


"Spring leads a man to work with tin
And a crow to scare beyond a field,
A rebel kingdom where hearts spin."


Read More Here:


As an outlet for expression, Richard likes to play with music, audio tracks, commercials and voice recordings and combine it into intricate storylines that provide a plot outline for his 2nd novel. Lionheart Leaks is a new project.


Listen Here:










You may not understand it, but you have to appreciate the work that goes into mixing. / © 2015 by JET.

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