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Internet Poetry


A reflection by Richard Tattoni (c) 2009

I made a trip down a red brick lane
And felt the cherished crimson sun,
While following a young girl's pain;


Like time, moving forward and back,
Like steps of cosmic crystal wishes
To see sorcery from a witch in black.

A ramble on stony rivers of a dream,
Those slippers are elegant footgear
Disappearing from a girl's scream.

Spring leads a man to work with tin
And a crow to scare beyond a field,
A rebel kingdom where hearts spin.

See a lion with courage to see more,
From the enchanting caves of miners,
He discovers gems in a silver store.

The arctic monkey flies north to shiver.
I'm too cold as the world awakens,
Chilling clarity of images deliver

A thrilling find for a girl to discover,
From any new season of weather
Were shoes for a diamond lover.

It fashions ruby to favor show,
Fuck me twice before you go.



Narrative verse by Richard Tattoni (c) 2010


Wood in my fireplace with time would burn
While I frowned to see the clock turn
Feeling Frankenstein in my soul,
So I watched a movie of his return.

I imagined a glass with ice and gin,
As it appeared, it made me grin.
The monster was locked in misery
But I looked for a new opinion.

Outside was rainy and the hour was wet.
As I turned on the TV set in haste,
I hallucinated beyond my job and debt
And a drunken state of waste.

I dreamed of being sober and younger,
I dreamed of a never-ending break 
A vacation filled without dread.
I hated my horrible heartache.

Young Frankenstein never aged over years,
He was a myth Mary Shelley foretold.
The ogre never suffered a common cold
But had a tainted heart of gold.

I was a human clone of the monster,
Except he never needed a bank loan
Or cried while morbid and drunk,
We shared feelings utterly alone.

I moaned a melody carrying my chains
And feeling his unbolted pain,
Screwed together over drinks
And growing more insane.

The movie paused over a commercial
I stared deep into a picture frame;
My pale skin and my black heart,
Frankenstein looked the same.



My cobbled-together body was throbbing,
Scaring me to lose human sight
While I resumed a liquid dinner,
The monster, and me, cried with delight.


I heard he once sunk a girl with flowers
And Frank laughed about his powers.
I could only listen to Mr. Whale's movie;
There were no bridal showers.


I was more disfigured with every drink.
Beginning to sink, dropping down,
Striking perception and emotion,
I became a cancer-ridden clown.


The thought of me, a monster with a wife
Maddening like horror rife with strife
Or a sensibility void of reality,
I had loved and lost my whole life.


I was lonely, a hermit living in a vault.
Frank, the monster, and me, dined as a cult
Trapped in a world riddled with regret,
Afraid life was our fault.


I strapped a noose to the ceiling with a sigh,
While I knotted the rope, I started to cry.
A hopeless human transformed to die,

A monster wearing a tie.



Free verse by Richard Tattoni (c) 2009

Seven hills cross its history,

rising above Neptune's sea

and below strong-willed Apollo 

a world glows radiantly 

Minerva knows

Rome will always be.


Renaissance and Baroque to see

architecture and vibrant art,

or hear twins of tradition

founding a glorious city,

roaming on an orb


from Romulus and Remus,

from Rome to Florence,

a new kingdom declares itself

known to be unknown

as an empire;

yet empowers hearts and minds,


inspiring Technossance artists

to take flight, to learn about

Rome, Italy.

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