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Letter Written To Mr. Trudeau

Dear Mr. Trudeau:

I am a senior freelance writer in the true north strong and free and it really does not pay well. I have attempted to start a good company to support my on-line spending habits. My company has failed and I am afraid that I might lose everything. The Harper Government has not helped me and I’m appalled by the Conservatives indifference toward Native American problems. I am writing to you to consider my appeal request for adequate government funding for my small non-profit Canadian company that deserves to make good money.

I will vote for you if your government provides funding for Lionheart. The Lionheart Sound Network currently runs as a cheap YouTube channel. Lionheart Entertainment includes three radio stations and Richard Tattoni Television (RTTV). I feel that Mr. Harper did not give my situation the proper respect and understanding that it truly deserved.

Furthermore, I have medical documents proving I am crazy. When I become crazy in my thinking, I start to have worse problems and everything becomes fragmented. Something evil manifests itself and I want to unleash evil on the world. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein with craziness in my head. Because of this setback, I am unable to reign over more shows after Tuesday’s unavoidable end. Tuesday in 2015 has gone and I have enclosed the medical documents detailing my good nature and belief in a brighter future before you're elected into The Great Beyond along with this letter. The medical situation which prevented me from consideration to receive adequate funding was beyond my control. Please send me money and e-transfer $1,110,000.00 to support aboriginal rights at Lionheart Inc. as soon as possible. Please accept my insanity excuse for Tuesday and know that I think violence in all its heinous forms is wrong. I appreciate the time you have taken to read my appeal. Good luck in the election. Bon chance?

Happy Thankgiving.


Richard Tattoni


P.S. I'm a true believer in Canadian baseball and Oregon football. The password is Beavers.

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