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Beyond Parody

What's Technossance Magazine? The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Rolling Stone magazine, or Bad Company. Bad Company are a rock supergroup. Lionheart Enterprises is a broadcasting and fabrication business in shambles.

Technossance Magazine is not your traditional magazine. It's more of a comic book written as a comic thriller. Sure, there are issues, but the "magazine" darkens with short stories and the non-linear account of Lionheart.

Beyond parody, satire is dead. The Strokes have their own space, shirts, and music and they're only one of the few dipshit artists that are rich. WOW Radio and WRICH Radio and AM 2200 played "dipshit artists" for years.

Wow, I'm not the Banana King. The Banana King takes its name from a line in On The Road by Jack Kerouac that emphasizes the importance of recognizing the insignificant moments in your everyday life. Jack was probably high on cough syrup when he wrote it, but that makes it even that much more special and real.

We rode into San Francisco and strolled through the streets. Remi's huge laugh resounded everywhere we went. "You must write a story about the Banana King," he said.

Jack's intention is no doubt offensive. Who would ever want to be king? It leads to satire and ridicule. Racism just comes from ignorance, bad experiences, and conservatism. My stuff with Lionheart Radio brings back childhood joy. I budgeted for nothing when I was president of Lionheart. But you can be on a budget and still promote shit like Nueva Radio and Buena Radio. Special education from Prime Radio and Bro Radio teaches how to get yourself ready to apply for subsidized housing. You can love Alan Dershowitz and have a fascination with bombs, and still make it through life. It's not impossible.

It can happen overnight. Bad dreams can come true. It can happen to you. Business goals can be general and low level. I remember the hours of comedy and hours of radio when I was young. I watched SNL with Eddie Murphy. I listened to Larry King, Howard Stern, Chris Sheppard, Don Imus, John Derringer, Joanne Wilder, Kim Mitchell, and Weird Al, and I would listen to some of the strangest music and think this is really cool. When I turned older, I just wanted to entertain people, too. I couldn't admit I was failing at writing. Some of the earliest producing of LUCKY 108.9 and Heartbreak Radio started everything. But the end was inevitable. I will never again write a traditional novel. It drove me crazy.

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