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A Writing Challenge That Will Push You Forward

Let’s Write

Stories spread imagination and sometimes they’re even educational. Be the author of your own story and share your words with the world. It’s easy. Start writing. Get involved with writing groups, participate in workshops and start The 60-Day Writing Challenge today. There’s a whole publishing industry in love with the magic of words. Let’s dive a little deeper. Shall we start writing again?

  • Start small. Start with a title.

  • Try writing in a different genre.

  • Join The 60-Day Writing Challenge.

Why The 60-Day Writing Challenge Is Important?

This timely proposition is important because this writing challenge is a new alternative to other writing challenges in the writing community. Maybe you're stuck on 30,000 words; maybe you’re only punching out three words on the keyboard. The goal of the challenge is getting you to write a novel-length story in 60 days. Any manuscript over 40,000 words is considered a novel. Two examples of books under 50,000 words are Slaughterhouse-Five and The Great Gatsby, which are both great novels. A writing challenge makes you write; and maybe your book is going to help people understand a topic or issue differently and help make the world a better place. Believe in yourself. Trust your creative energy.

How To Get More Creative Without Losing Your Mind

Writing prompts motivate you to put words to paper. Evoke emotion, whether positive or negative, in your writing. Write in the style of a famous author, but on a different topic. Look at other writers and how they are writing in a unique way. Some writers share online stories because they're passionate about the craft. Draw inspiration from them. Create a prompt from an unusual restriction. If you tried writing in the style of a different author, also force yourself to focus on things that you might not normally consider. Write what you know and what interests you. Use the hashtag 60DayWritingChallenge on Twitter in September and let your friends know you’re writing something big. Participate and get involved, but don't lose too much time. Don't get lost in the world.

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