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Protest radio developed during civil war. Before this, men in masks were giving you the weather on primitive Internet Radio. Times were much different. More savage. Ruthless. Stations popped up everywhere. I did not see the podcast movement coming, not at all. Ah, those prettier and simpler times.

Thirty years ago, everyone listened to the AM or FM radio dial. There might have been books on tape, but podcasts didn't exist. The Internet changed the history of the radio. Why am I uglier? Because I personalized radio for myself, even got a few shout-outs on the fake radio waves. In tough times, few people want to help you succeed in life. Do it yourself or make yourself successful. I'm a Technossance man because a rebirth in technology gave me the tools for success. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

The Rich Army continues to grow in delusional minds. You can be anyone or anything in the army. Just join, whether you have one eye and three testicles or three eyes and no testicles, it makes no difference. Listen to the history of radio. Drink more and read differently. Become a part of history. Sit back, beer in hand, and face a strange world... whether you want to read or listen to stories. Weather or not, or whether or not, I don't care.


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