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The Fart Of Fiction, No. 17

A journal is for deep feelings and a novel is for a great story. Entertain with lovely descriptions of mountaintops or a misty fog, but create three-dimensional characters that make readers believe the fog could really be thick, pungent smog from the protagonist's fart. Characters establish the plot and they have senses. They can smell your farts.

Sometimes you're not writing enough and sometimes you're overwriting shit. Don't always write what your character is feeling in first-person narrative, because people don't simply think or act based solely on the way they feel. Create your character and show the way he or she is feeling in the story. Avoid run-on sentences with extended metaphors. My humble advice is to make a quick comparison and then get on with it. Write dialogue and don't bore readers with descriptions. A misty fog is great, but the characters talking in the scene about the fog can make it more interesting for the reader. Get the reader into the scene and then develop the story with dialogue and action. Enjoy the ride.

Some find inspiration to write from a view on TV, someplace outside, or someplace magical. Take a little time to write. Write down everything you feel in a journal. Take a little time to sit back, eat Doritos, fart, and enjoy any view you happen upon.

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