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The Fart Of Fiction, No. 1

Believe me... it'll smell bad, but sometimes you'll release your feelings onto the page right after letting it rip. Don't flail your hands attempting to get rid of the odor, because it won't go away until it's ready. The writing on the page won't fix itself, until you're ready. Write, rewrite, and edit. Sometimes you'll get to a new idea and a blank page.

You control the art. If you're working with fiction on characters communicating with technology, then you better understand the damn devices. So you have to understand literary devices and appreciate the devices you're adapting onto the new page.

What does the old man do in his room after smelling his own fart? He pulls the laptop from the bedside table, opens it, and there's his Facebook page. He types in: It smells so good. He presses post, inhales the aroma, and hurriedly clicks his Gmail.

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