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The Devil's Work

Welcome May Madness and Welcome Home (Sanitarium). A fool's day is never done. Don't Get Me Wrong if I'm possessed by the devil and all his demons....

My hobbies get the best of me. I'm not only the CC Editor at The Weather Network. I'm a radio producer, linguist, bookworm, blogger, editor, creative writer, poet and novelist. My first novel has been pitched to some agents and it's not getting much feedback. I started writing my second novel, but I need a break. A fake media company offers escapism into radio.

I thought I would finish business with Tuesday, but I was wrong. Lionheart Entertainment re-emerged with four new shows. WOW 87.7 FM Bad Buck Rogers stars Buck Rogers and he's live on location in the steel city of Hamilton, Ontario in Hess Village. He's enjoying good hot dogs and playing the metal while reporting your business on the all-business station. WRICH 109.9 FM Bad Business stars Daniel Blowden who recently bought a car, but he's playing a fool and unliked by WOW 87.7 FM. He can't shake off drugs, but still enjoys a good salary at Lionheart. WRICH 109.9 FM Crazy King stars your king of the company. I'm crazy mad on the Prime Show and I'm stuck running a company that's going down the toilet. WRICH 109.9 FM Nueva Fiesta stars Mario Juan Valez on location from Puerto Rico. He's a womanizer and drunk and stuck out of time, but he delivers air time on the station with the highest frequency. Fun times ensue.

LUCKY 108.9 FM is the latest station acquired by Lionheart. I'm keeping luck hidden from the public. Keeping a low profile is not easy and varies in reason from person to person and station to station. My radio stations are fake, but something is transmitting my creativity online.

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