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A New Era

'American Idiot' is a great show. Wake Me Up When September Ends is better on YouTube.

Even better is 'The Lionheart Network' now fully archived with station playlists. I only hope escapism into radio made me the best Canadian Idiot I could be. Green Day is good, but the Lionheart Network provides the best free season of free musical enjoyment. The non-profit organization ends it's reign in media with the decline of the Lionheart Empire: WRICH 109.9 FM The Prime End. Some people get paid for madness. I'm giving it away for free because health is more important than the almighty buck. WOW 87.7 FM ended Buck with The Final Buck Show.

And Hey Jude! The Weather Network is my home. I provide a technical service full time and receive good health benefits. I always wanted to perform on radio. Internet technology has helped make my dream come true. Enjoy free work posted on YouTube. Support a classic hero of the Industrial Revolution. However, there is a method to my madness.

If entertainment turns you on, buy my book when it gets published. 'Beyond The Blue Kite' now has a complete novel synopsis. My first novel takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride and tackles difficult but important issues. Over the summer, I'm putting creative energy into more writing. I'm starting my second novel 'David and Destiny.' I have the 80-page outline to the story, but starting the second draft will take a lot of work. I'm continuing to participate in meetings with the NOTL Writers' Circle. The summer wouldn't be complete without continuing to pitch my current novel that's finished on the shelf and waiting to be published.

What more does it take? I'm hoping CanWrite! 2015 can answer my questions. I believe in my good query letter, novel synopsis and 70,000-word polished novel. I believe the publishing world needs the strength of my character.

Stay tuned to hear more from a Canadian Idiot.

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