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How To Deal With Rejection

The 'I will teach you to be Rich' blog. Living with rejection influences my life and increases negative energy. It’s kind of fun to release negative energy in new and exciting ways. However, rejection is a concern for everyone when submitting an artistic work for consideration. Psychology Today reminds rejects to fight fear and keep trying. Go Beyond The Blue Kite. Sometimes it works.

When I went zip lining in Los Cabos, I fought a fear of heights. When I got stuck and dangled over the canyon looking down with acrophobia, I believed my amigo would get me down safely and he did. I got down safely to the bottom of the canyon uninjured. But what if I wasn't his amigo?

Sometimes my greatest fears need to be released through writing out imagination and gritty stories that will open dialogue and get people talking about relevant issues facing communities today.

A recent rejection letter stated that publishing is a matter of taste and my work didn’t represent their taste. Another rejection letter claimed my work is a bit too dark. I’m currently reading Trainspotting; and according to The Guardian, Irvine Welsh “never even had to find an agent; the first big London publisher he submitted Trainspotting to snapped it up, and his publishers have been happy to print pretty much whatever he writes ever since.”

Dealing with rejection in 22 easy steps:

  1. Let rejection excite you

  2. Plan for failure

  3. Plan for more failure

  4. Plan for even more failure

  5. Consider the source

  6. Listen to WRICH 109.9 FM

  7. Listen to WOW 87.7 FM

  8. Listen to AM 2200 Radio

  9. Don’t worry because with or without rejection you’re going to die one day anyway

  10. Pretend you’re Daniel Blowden

  11. Read an article from the Navajo Times

  12. Pretend you’re Mario Juan Valez

  13. Pretend you’re Wyatt McReynolds

  14. Pretend you’re DJ Tony Tattoni

  15. Pretend you’re Buck Rogers

  16. Pretend you’re Rich

  17. Sing Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy (Live)

  18. Watch porn

  19. Watch more porn

  20. Watch Sleepless In Seattle

  21. Buy an Apple Watch just to say you’ve got one

  22. Write the screenplay for the eleventh sequel to American Pie just for fun

Every year I hear words get so overused, like selfie or twerk, and it just sounds dumb. A lot of times, real words get stupidly overused and they become meaningless. Whenever I hear someone say fast and repeat the word so many times it actually sounds like it’s pronounced the same as the name Ashley. I want to correct people and tell them my wife’s name is Jodie and not Ashely, and actually my book can help people understand street drugs are wrong and mental illness needs to be treated, but whatever.

I’ve translated this blog into German and Chinese for The Great Beyond simply because American media trumps Canadian media.

Don't look down. The world's craziest stunt since Super Dave Osbourne left the compound. But what if I wasn't his amigo?

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