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Is There A Sequel To The Tell-Tale Heart?

I re-read The Tell-Tale Heart and wanted to re-enact the short story. It was a dream. I fell asleep totally possessed to kill Tuesday and wanted to do more. While drenched in blood after ruining my expensive Central Michigan Chippewas T-shirt, I reached in and grabbed the heart of Tuesday. Swimming in pools of blood, I reached in just behind and slightly left of the breastbone and grabbed the vital organ located in the center of the chest with a slight tilt to the left. I got it -- I had Tuesday’s heart. In my hand was the heart that pumped blood through the network of arteries and veins called the cardiovascular system. It was way past eleven and God knows what time, sometime in the very early morning on Wednesday in Burger King’s parking lot with the heart of Tuesday and so much blood that I could have ran my own Canadian Red Cross. Knowing everyone would assume that I would bury the heart under Burger King, I buried his heart next to Tim Horton. I buried the heart of Tuesday underneath a drive-through sign beside a moldy jelly donut.

Beyond The Blue Kite, the kite soars higher into a darkening sky.

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