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What Happens When You Write About Dick?

Hooray... my first work of short fiction is published and it's thrilling as hell. The magazine is available on Amazon. The story Pink Bunny Rabbits is about eighty-year-old Dick in a hospital. It feels like he's on his deathbed, on powerful drugs, until he wakes up and sees his grandson.

Another short story, which I call Nobody Knows How It Ends, is my next story that is going to appear in a charity anthology with Rhetoric Askew. There are more short fiction stories that I'm currently submitting, but no more news to share at this moment. Sit tight and keep writing.

It's a ton of fun, fun, fun writing short fiction, but a novel-in-progress needs way more attention.

Here's an excerpt from page ninety-five of The Last Guru and Dick's flashback from his youth.

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