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Flattening The Strange Curve

Strange is nothing new to me and I'm dreaming a way of life through literature. Through writing, reading and drinking, I can't help but wonder if prison will ever let out the real Daniel Blowden. So often in life, I'm wondering how to make time for everything. How to complete a project before the deadline or I'm wondering how to make time for the spirit of Jim Morrison to enrich my soul and guide me towards the end. Often I'm wondering how many times will I listen to the Doors close and how long will Easter last. Easter is here to stay. On Groundhog Day, Jim Morrison saw his shadow and I knew it would be a strangely long Easter complicated by pandemic blues. So I'm listening to Roadhouse Blues and I'm thinking maybe me and the baby boys can quarantine another 20 years listening to the Lionheart Network. I'm a professor to my boys and they're learning history. A King, cousin, Indian, Cowboy, Puerto Rican, and Buck Rogers and I might-as-fucking-well crank the old fake radio, escape and celebrate Easter every Sunday. How?

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