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Happy Chinese New Year


Almost there...

Junkies Who Don't Read Won't Read Unless It Makes Them Feel Good

Explore my website, it's strange and this queerness will make you feel great, because you're not even sure what it is. Rejoice because music can be super-inspirational, but in a not-so-cool way, and sort of funny. Who the fuck is Ray?

Ray Is The Jesus In The Next Bible For Stoners

Ray is a victim of mental illness, charming his way through the world. He doesn't have a virus, but he's sick. Dig deep and find my manuscript before Chinese New Year celebrations are over. Somewhere out there is a glimmer of hope, the medical bible for stoners.

Random Thought To Get Your Mind Off The Year Of The Rat

Hello, Ray. A sock puppet or listening to Lionheart Entertainment before the end of the world, anything to put my hand in this sock and give the kids something to dream about at night.


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