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A Cobb Salad Beyond The Reagan Diaries

I'm pretty good at self-editing, but it's a pain.

Nancy’s is a great place to chow down in the heart of Columbus, Ohio. I’m imagining Nancy Reagan in a booth editing Ronnie’s diaries while suffering through the loss of her husband to a terminal disease. Through it all, she never lost faith in the melting pot of the United States or the salad bowl of Canada on a continent rich in inconvenient falsehoods and conspiracies.

Beyond The Rum Diary isn’t a diary about weapons exchange in Saudi Arabia or personal alcoholic binges from the sleepy town of Burlington, Ontario. It’s my official blog source with unedited blog updates on my writing life. My unofficial blog site entertained beyond the zaniest musings, exploring moral foundations and political ideology. But so-called "blogging" got out of control.

And The Great Beyond ends with a hair-raising farewell obituary. Don’t bother trying to interpret my down-the-middle, in-your-face politics; or the death of free Republican politics, or the Life and Times of Richard M. Nixon, or Reagan on Reagan. It’s useless unless you find a woman who can edit great BS.

Fierce as a lion, and stubborn as an ox, I liken my writing to the clarity and persistence of Ronald Reagan. Most of all, my appetite for destruction can be calmed by a Cobb salad, served by the ghost of Nancy.

Richard and Jodie Tattoni at Nancy's in Columbus, Ohio.

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