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Going Batman

New York again? Costume-ready... but how will I really look at the writing conferences?

The suspense is killing you but wait. Keep on reading! Right. Anxiety. I've done conferences before, but never back-to-back conferences for two weeks with The Stoned Theory Of My Own Destruction and Lionheart Leaks. How do I stay focused? How do I practice? Why not try eavesdropping? Try it every day. Just write something. Anything. It's a great writing prompt. And it can be a single line, exchange observed, or try a fake conversation in your head. I'm doing it right now, from the workplace within the imagination: "Bitch," he said. The two male co-workers spoke quietly talking about somebody else. He looked at him with careful eyes, as their voices lowered, until inaudible.

Fun, fun, fun! Going Batman can have different definitions. The Urban Dictionary describes it as "taking on the nightlife after taking care of business during the day." Not All There might mean a little stupid or crazy, or a poem by Robert Frost. Going, Going, Gone is a "popular" title used by some artists, not excluding Bob Dylan. Either way, you slice it, there's a time to get inspired and move on for real thrills. I'm going on the road in search of the dream.

I'm packing the bags for the Windsor International Writers Conference and ThrillerFest 2018. It's going to be fun and nerve-racking, but I'm ready. And here's how to calm nerves. Read poetry and prose and when you're done read more. Writers only get better from reading and eavesdropping.

Not All There

By Robert Frost

I turned to speak to God,

About the world’s despair;

But to make bad matters worse,

I found God wasn’t there.

God turned to speak to me

(Don’t anybody laugh)

God found I wasn’t there—

At least not over half.

Going, Going, Gone

By Bob Dylan

I’ve just reached a place Where the willow don’t bend There’s not much more to be said It’s the top of the end I’m going I’m going I’m gone I’m closin’ the book On the pages and the text And I don’t really care What happens next I’m just going I’m going I’m gone I been hangin’ on threads I been playin’ it straight Now, I’ve just got to cut loose Before it gets late So I’m going I’m going I’m gone Grandma said, “Boy, go and follow your heart And you’ll be fine at the end of the line All that’s gold isn’t meant to shine Don’t you and your one true love ever part” I been walkin’ the road I been livin’ on the edge Now, I’ve just got to go Before I get to the ledge So I’m going I’m just going I’m gone

And when you're on the edge, before moving on, you're already gone and wondering what's in the perverted naked spirit of your soul? Where are the nude sunbathers? Want to take a selfie?

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