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The Fart Of Fiction, No. 8

Are you squeezing out a fart? It doesn't have to hurt and letting it rip can almost be as enjoyable as participating in a writing group or reading in the library. Get yourself into a routine.

A writer's healthy routine includes writing and reading daily. If you're not writing, then you're reading (or listening to music for the soul). I just finished two novels and shared my reading experience on social media. "House Of Sand And Fog" and "Moody Food" are two great books. I'm also involved in three writing groups. My writing group in Burlington recently had a Christmas party and book exchange. I've started reading "Catch-22" and "The Disaster Artist" in my spare time. Stay active in your community with Goodreads and social media.

No doubt reading can improve your writing and my suggestion is to read what you want to write or whatever is fun, instead of wasting your time. Get reading and participate in at least one writing group to get another set of eyes on your work. Then publish and sell it. Sell, sell, sell. A book makes a great gift.

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