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The Fart Of Fiction, No. 11

Just write. Don't be the lazy bum not doing the work. Eventually, the fart catches up to you and it reeks. It'll stink. Oh man, will it stink.

Establish a routine. It's not realistic to write every day, but set goals and achieve them. I'm a big fan of to-do lists. I'm a bigger fan of music. Set the radio station high or low on the dial and start making lists of what you want to accomplish. The new day is on the funky horizon.

Currently, I'm in the listening phase of diligent writing, reading, and listening routine. But soon enough, the listening will be over; and I'll be reading, observing, and thinking more.

Binge-write and the writing will flow, like cow manure in a barn full of cows. Sure, it's been slow-going lately, but I plan to turn it up and crank it out, after living life inside a ghetto blaster; and I have all the tools. All I have to do is multi-task and take care of new responsibilities.

I realized something. The baby let out the stinkiest fart last night while changing its diaper, and I noticed how much the baby has grown. What happens when there are no more babies? Sometimes growing up happens fast, like changing routines and developing new writing habits.

I'm sharing some of the tools of the trade with you. Morning Pages aren't necessarily what you read, they can be what you write down. It's not always high art, just morning writing to start the writing day and begin the creative process. Write according to your personality. In my case, the Morning Pages might be Late Morning Pages 'cause I'm not an early morning riser.

When writing my first novel, God did the writing ever get intense; and it led from one binge to another and the countless times going over the work made my head spin like crazy.

The bottom line is to write more and not become a lazy bum dreaming of the next novel. Go back to school, take courses and learn. Get a new job driving a truck, but keep on.

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