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My First, First Poems

The Ontario Poetry Society published my very first poem. The free verse poem about Rome was actually called Rome and published in a chapbook. I've been writing poetry since high school, but you won't find the poem about my religion teacher anywhere.

I consider my first, first poems anything I wrote in the teenage years or my twenties. In my twenties, I wrote Inner Voices and just recently went back over the poems to salvage the work. Anyone who tells you writing isn't actual work, doesn't know the process.

The Voice Of Freak is a larger collection, but my latest submission included selected edited poems and now I'm waiting to hear back on whether the collection gains acceptance.

Still waiting.

My online poetry is alright, but my writing has improved through revisions and hardcore editing. Write a Member of Parliament or Congressman or woman if you want to read my first, first poems in a chapbook, journal or magazine. After three or four novels, maybe I'll publish a book of poetry. I only skimmed the surface of drafts from first, first writings.

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