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The Fart Of Fiction No. 7

Are you sensitive to a bad odour? Don't change a dirty diaper. Don't go to a bad writing workshop. Don't go to a writers' meeting and drive through a neighbourhood where there's a dead skunk on the road next to the library. Just don't then. Sensitive readers can read happy stories, but tough readers want creative literary devices from a story. Invective is insulting or abusive language and it can take the form of a single word or expression, or be an entire discourse aimed at offending or hurting someone else. There's high invective and low invective. Aim high, but spread bad language sparingly. However, I loved the use of profane language in a sentence from a best-selling book. "'Your shit'

The Fart Of Fiction No. 6

Have you got a minute? I think we need to talk. Let's talk more about the art and less about the fart. There is truth in a fart, but if your world of writing is stinky, make it better. Go to a workshop in Buffalo and discover agents, publishers and editors that want to shed light on mental health, make your stories worth reading and help you build a writing career. It's better to swing and miss than to not swing at all. I'll normally make the trek to Buffalo just to watch the Bisons in minor league baseball, but instead I got to meet Chuck Sambuchino today in a conference room. I introduced myself after a scheduling altercation at the How To Get Published workshop. What if I yelled, "There's

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