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How To Take Stock Of Fall Writing Goals

I'm invested in heavy ideas... but how much is everything really worth? I'm reading, querying, outlining, writing and editing. I'm not vomiting out everything on social media. What you see isn't all there is. But I don't want to set the bar too high this fall. What have I accomplished so far and what do I want to accomplish in months ahead? The kids head back to school, leaves change colour and writers take stock. My goals for long fiction have many question marks, but I won't stop trying and I'll keep on getting dirty. More family trips and more short fiction and poetry this fall. I'm toying with new ideas for writing more short stories after having Pink Bunny Rabbits published in the summe

So What Influences My Work As A Writer?

How do I get inspired? I read often when I'm not ogling comic book art or writing. My journal is Twitter. I've recently had a short story published in Down In The Dirt volume 159 (the July-August issue) available on Amazon. I write short and long fiction. What influences my writing? The world and everything I live, feel, touch, smell, hear or read. I write and read a lot, because the more I write (and read) the more I learn and become a better writer. I sometimes read my previous works and chuckle at the naivety and ridiculousness of it. I've read three books from the Beat Generation to see how they handle rhythmic writing as well as radical, rebellious and experimental writing in literary f

The Top Three Things I Did In Forbidden Planet

Hello... my name is Richard Tattoni and I went to a comic book store in New York City. I always wanted to go to Forbidden Planet, but I wasn't impressed. However, it did take my mind off the second draft of Lionheart Leaks. And I wanted to discover a comic book from the future with art designed by a retired stock trader on Wall Street. The story would be about slimy aliens wielding swords, defending Buck Rogers from socialism and the future wave of Venezuelan immigrants wanting to destroy heavy metal in America. What did I actually do inside Forbidden Planet? I Searched For Vintage Comic Books Of Buck Rogers. I just asked friendly people working in the store and they looked at me like I was

What Happens When You Write About Dick?

Hooray... my first work of short fiction is published and it's thrilling as hell. The magazine is available on Amazon. The story Pink Bunny Rabbits is about eighty-year-old Dick in a hospital. It feels like he's on his death-bed, on powerful drugs, until he wakes up and sees his grandson. Another short story, which I call Nobody Knows How It Ends, is my next story that is going to appear in a charity anthology with Rhetoric Askew. There are more short fiction stories that I'm currently submitting, but no more news to share at this moment. Sit tight and keep writing. It's a ton of fun, fun, fun writing short fiction, but a novel-in-progress needs more attention. Here's an excerpt from page 9

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