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The Fart Of Fiction No. 10

There is buddy blown away by the girl in the red dress. Buddy is inflatuated over her, but the lady in red thinks he stinks. How do you create and develop characters in your story? How do you write and keep a day-job and married life? So where do you begin? First of all, lose the day-job. Then, start with a character. Write a character analysis. Jot down three things about the character and ask questions. What do they want? What keeps them from getting what they want? What are they most afraid of? Build in a flaw. What about the supporting characters? What makes them tick? How do they think they’re going to get it? Make them react. The character starts out wanting to win the contest. A chara

The Fart Of Fiction No. 9

The air is thick. Air is made of molecules, and therefore has mass, thickened by natural gas from the human body. Relief. A moment passes in the bathroom. I'm sitting on the toilet flipping through Goodreads on the phone. It's a life lesson when one roll of toilet paper has to last a week. The toilet flushes. A nostril flares, then the other, enraged by indifferent male readers, I'm disgusted. The best weird science fiction can be found in "Slaughterhouse-Five" or "Naked Lunch" while the best gagging horror from "Trainspotting" got cut from the movie. "Don Quixote" ahead of its time before Hunter S. Thompson's wild crusade to transform picaresque into gonzo journalism. I'm starting to read "

The Fart Of Fiction No. 8

Are you squeezing out a fart? It doesn't have to hurt and letting it rip can almost be as enjoyable as participating in a writing group or reading in the library. Get yourself into a routine. A writer's healthy routine includes writing and reading on a daily basis. If you're not writing, then you're reading (or listening to music for the soul). I just finished two novels and shared my reading experience on social media. "House Of Sand And Fog" and "Moody Food" are two great books. I'm also involved in three writing groups. My writing group in Burlington recently had a Christmas party and book exchange. I've started reading "Catch-22" and "The Disaster Artist" in my spare time. Stay active in

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