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How To Get Away With Murder

If Stephen King can be the king of horror and I’ve written an important novel to better understand drugs and mental illness with Beyond The Blue Kite, then I get to be king of a non-profit company. Long live Lionheart Inc. and the end of Tuesday. Daniel Blowden got Thanksgiving and the Tuesday Tribute. I believe in flying monkeys, Christianity, Christian Slater and Interview With The Vampire. I believe I’ll get the justice I deserve and judgement from high above after Livin’ On A Prayer. So just how do I differ from Angela Lansbury and O.J. Simpson? If I haven’t said it once, I’ve said 1,111 times, Native American lives matter. The word “How” or “Howgh” is a word used as a greeting or partic

Letter Written To Whom It May Concern

To whom it may concern: I swear the pervert looked like a bear. Billy Bible said he was a former priest, He was interesting, to say the least. I met him while eating a juicy pear. Billy appeared grizzly, worn by the day. While he told me stories speaking fast. A half-naked rambler from stories past And I'd listen in my indifferent way. He had no friends and lived near Lake Erie. Billy was raised near summer beach-land, A beach-house around water and sand, His life after priesthood sounded eerie. I offered him no pear or apple or peach. He yelled “Fruit is too fruity of a meal," But said grace before finishing a deal. The fruit almost caused him to preach. Billy said, "How I love the Almighty

How To Deal With Rejection

The 'I will teach you to be Rich' blog. Living with rejection influences my life and increases negative energy. It’s kind of fun to release negative energy in new and exciting ways. However, rejection is a concern for everyone when submitting an artistic work for consideration. Psychology Today reminds rejects to fight fear and keep trying. Go Beyond The Blue Kite. When I went zip lining in Los Cabos, I fought a fear of heights. When I got stuck and dangled over the canyon looking down with acrophobia, I believed my amigo would get me down safely and he did. I got down safely to the bottom of the canyon uninjured. Sometimes my greatest fears need to be released through writing out imaginatio

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