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The Fart Of Fiction No. 14

Sometimes hearing podcasts of ideas transformed into words can be great. Nobody wants to listen to somebody preaching about the craft of fiction. Everyone has a story, but who goes the extra mile? When writing novels, short stories or poetry, have the patience, take the time for editing. To make your story stand out, have a social media platform. Experiment, invent, take risks, take your idea to the next level. Get readers familiar with your work, but don't give away all the secrets. Submit short fiction and poetry to journals and magazines. Poetry Is Dead might be a cool home for edited poetry, but you should make time in your schedule for submissions. However, small journals and magazines

The Fart Of Fiction No. 13

When you're writing and it's working, don't stop to smell the roses unless you put aside the work-in-progress to do other writing jobs. There's poetry, short stories or the first book that you keep going back to because it never got published and there's always something. Don't procrastinate, but it's fine to stretch your wings. I'm going to a Birds Of A Feather writing workshop every Sunday to keep me actively writing. The trick is to write off-line and keep editing the work and submitting it to publishers. When you keep writing and editing, the quality of work increases, and slowly, you become more valuable. When I'm not writing, I'm thinking of books and new and wonderful ways to read wha

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