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The Fart Of Fiction No. 19

It stinks. Unless you find a big break in publishing! Excuse me, I couldn't help but observe your plight. Can I be of assistance? I know about ways to help improve your writing, how to find the right workshops and conferences, even writing groups. But you can do everything right and still miss the most important advice every writer needs on how to deal with rejection. How do you go beyond the art of words and fiction, beyond criticism, whether its subjective or not? Every writer is different and should have ways to overcome rejection. Feel shitty for maybe a day or two, or even a week, but try to move on after 24 hours. A good writer keeps writing. Be professional about the rejections you ge

The Fart Of Fiction No. 18

If you think your first book is great, but the world thinks it stinks then write a second book. Stay organized, keep writing; follow the muse down the darkest edges, a deepest hollow to the spirit world. Driving for records from the music store, you swerve, narrowly avoiding an accident and race home to write. The first draft is complete. You go back and you want to move forward, and re-work the story. Stop. Make sure there's a chapter breakdown. The synopsis is very fucking important. Start with a two-page synopsis and get the first draft out. Every draft gets better. Trust your instincts. What does it matter what the mainstream world thinks? The groove is on. The album from Looney Tunes i

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